Our free online visitor stats tool is not only reliable but also easy to use. The tool puts into consideration the need for online business owners to track the activities on their sites. It makes it possible to increase your turnover. When you rack h activities of your visitors, it is possible to identify their needs, interests, and expectations. It helps a business owner to improve functions to suit the expectations of clients. The better you understand your clients, the more likely you are to satisfy their needs.

Features to Help You Understand Your Visitors

Bounce Rate. Bounce rate represents the number of people that visit your website and leave without making any interactions with the site. If you have a high bounce rate, you probably have the right tools to attract visitors to your site but not enough to keep them. You can use our site to determine your bounce rate. If a lot of people visit your site but leave without fulfilling the desired goals, there are a few things you can do to change the situation. Come up with interesting and engaging content.

Single Page Visit. A single page visit means that a visitor only viewed one page. If a visitor viewed many images or custom links on the same page, it is still considered a single page visit. If the visitor views another page, it is not a single page visit anymore.

Popular Pages. You can use our site to view the most popular pages in your site. From the popular pages, you can easily find ways to optimize your content for the best possible impact. If there are popular pages that you have been overlooking, the information may help you to put more focus on them.

Entry and Exit Pages. An entry/exit page is the page where your visitor first requests entry into your website and the last one they request when leaving the site. Your top entry pages to the website are your most popular pages. If you know what they are, you can use them to engage your visitors and transform them into sales. The common entry pages are the home page and informative blog posts. Include calls to action on these pages and encourage your visitors to perform desired actions. Provide value to your clients. You may do that by providing a free gift with every purchase or offering free e-books. You can use delayed pop-ups. They give your clients a chance to see the contents on your site before proceeding to the next page. The delay may last for seven to ten seconds.

With the most popular exit pages, you may come up with strategies to reduce the number of visitors leaving your site. Provide visitors with an incentive to stay on your site. If, for example, you run a business selling socks, you may encourage your visitors to provide you with their email address for a chance to win a free pair of socks.

Our Site provides you with the perfect opportunity to learn more about your clients. It makes it possible for you to give them what they want and to increase your sales. You can easily optimize your content to suit the needs of various clients. It is a reliable choice for bloggers, marketing officers, and web designers.