The do’s and don’t of free spins

The success of a website consists of various aspects and they’re all equally important. We like to help you map these aspects, which ones are in place and which ones are not. We recently did this for several online casinos offering free spins. Free spins is one of the most popular marketing tools used by online casinos to attract new players. However, many online casinos have a pretty high bounce rate that couldn’t be explained. We helped them analyzing their date, the free spins offer, and the results of these free spins. has all website aspects in order

Since online casinos are popular, so is the competition. To stand out, you need to be able to catch the attention of potential players and keep this. is an online casino website that’s using the popularity of free spins and slot machines to their own advantage. They offer various reviews on free spins, slot machines, and online casinos. Their bouncing rate is low because free spins have all aspects of their website in order. Feel free to check the website to get an idea of what we mean.

More reason to scroll

The difference between websites like and online casinos with a high bouncing rate is that Nederlandsegokkasten free spins is providing visitors with more reasons to scroll their website. Free spins and other promotions are a great lure to get people to a website or online casino, but beyond that point, your strategy needs to continue. There’re 3 different ways to continue your strategy, some of them require minimal effort, but to get the best results we recommend to combine them.

Make it easy to spend free spins

When visitors get to an online casino with free spins, they’re interested in free spins. Everybody gets that. However, some online casinos that we worked with want to promote their slot machines, other bonuses, and casino games too, and use the free spins just as a lure. That doesn’t work. In fact, most players probably feel fooled, because they want free spins. They want to click the promotion, go to your online casino, and see how they can use the free spins right away. It’s understandable that you want to show them what else you offer, but they’re not your loyal players yet and they’re not interested now. Look at the free spins as an opportunity to show that your online casino is user friendly and reliable instead of a way to promote other games.

Offer more free spins

Once your potential players have used their free spins, they’re done. At least, they would be if you didn’t offer a way for them to stay. The fastest and easiest method is to continue with your promotion and offer more free spins. There’s is a tiny slot for an online casino to keep someone’s attention and to show what you offer. Again: don’t push this too hard and make it easy for the player to continue playing with free spins. You can add a pop-up or a link to more slot machines and games for example.

Connect with the players

This strategy requires a bit more effort. To connect to potential players you need a well-organized plan: you need to know what these people want, what they do, and how their situation is. You need to humanize your marketing by getting to know your players. This requires more than just free spins. You can lure them to your online casino with free spins, but the moment they arrive at the website they need to feel at home. This can mean that a player is shown a section of pre-selected casino games or slot machines, but it can also mean that you offer other information or products of their interest. This is what does: they offer information and reviews of online casinos. They know these are aspects casino players are interested in.

Let the free spins pay off

When following this last strategy the correct way you can create loyal players and keep them loyal in a less time-consuming way than by just offering free spins. Especially for the long-term, this will pay off.